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CommScope is at the forefront of shaping infrastructure, products and solutions that enhance people’s lives. We make communication faster, easier and more efficient for today’s always-on world.

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  1. CommScope - 15" HELIAX FiberFeed Weatherproofing Shroud
    CommScope HELIAX FiberFeed Weatherproofing Shroud Compatible with RRUS11, RRUS12 and Air Antenna Interfaces. Learn More
  2. CommScope - 2-3 inch stainless steel round member adapter.
    COMMSCOPE 2-3 inch stainless steel round member adapter. 10 PACK. Learn More
  3. CommScope - Portable Diagnostic RET Controller
    The CommScope RET-MASTER Portable diagnostic RET (Remote Eletrical Tilt) controller for fully controlling and configuring AISG devices such as RETs and TMAs. By utilizing a wireless connection to SmartPhones and tablets, the RET Master no longer requires a laptop to control the RET functionality, providing greater flexibility. The RET Master includes a battery, allowing installation crews to perform work on cell towers for several hours before a recharge is required. Learn More
  4. CommScope - 10 Meter Tele-tilt Cable
    The Andrew ATCB-B01-010 10 meter remote downtilt-control antenna cable assembly is used to feed data and power from the controller to the remote downtilt electrical system components. This cable jumper utilizes 10 meters of Tele-tilt cable. The jumper assembly has an AISG 8-pin socket screw lock and IP67 male and female DIN connectors. Learn More
  5. CommScope - Round Cushion 3/8" (1 Hole)/7/8" (2 Hole)
    ANDREW 4" Cushion with (1) 3/8" hole and (2) 7/8" Holes. Learn More
  6. CommScope - Snap-In Stand-Off Adapter
    COMMSCOPE Snap-In Stand-Off Adapter with 3/4" hole. Learn More
  7. CommScope - 2U 12F Fiber Mngmnt Rack
    CommScope fiber management rack, 2U, 12 Fiber Capacity, with sliding drawer. Learn More
  8. CommScope - N Male for 1/4" FSJ1-50A Hex Head
    CommScope N Male for 1/4" superflex FSJ1-50A. 0-6000 MHz. Hex Head captivated center pin. Self-clamping. Learn More
  9. CommScope - 3/8" Angle Adapter
    CommScope Angle Adapter with 3/8" tapped holes, adapts hangers to angle members, and provides a high strength solution. Includes adapters, set bolt, and hanger hardware kit. Learn More
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