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PCTEL’s mobile antenna products platforms offer multi-band and narrow band antenna options supporting LMR, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS frequencies. Our proprietary high rejection GNSS technology ensures precise location tracking in RF intensive environments. Our mobile antennas support the leading OEM radio and router equipment.


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  1. PCTEL - 3/4" Rubber Hole Plugs, 25 Pack

    PCTEL rubber hole plug for 3/4" hole. 1-1/2" overall diameter. Package of 25.
  2. PCTEL - 450-470 MHz 5dB Antenna Only

    MAXRAD 450-470 MHz 3dB gain no ground plane antenna. 200 watt. Suitable for fiberglass vehicles. Order cable and mount separately.
  3. PCTEL - Waterproof Mirror Mounting Kit, RG58A/U, UHF-M

    MAXRAD waterproof mirror mounting kit. Chrome plated. Accepts antenna that fits Motorola style mounts. Includes 17' RG58A/U cable & UHF male (PL259) conn.
  4. PCTEL - 896-940 MHz 3dB Open Coil Antenna

    MAXRAD 896-940 MHz open coil antenna. 150 watt, 3dB gain. Order Motorola mount separately.
  5. PCTEL - 2.2-2.9 GHz 5dB Closed Coil Antenna, Black

    MAXRAD 2.200-2.900 GHz 5 dBi black closed coil antenna. 100 watts. Order Motorola style 2.4 GHz mount separately.
  6. PCTEL - Trunk Lid Mount, RG58/U, No Connector

    MAXRAD Trunk Lid Mount. Includes 17' of RG58/U solid center cable. No connector is included.
  7. PCTEL - 460-470 MHz 5dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna

    PCTEL MFB4605 is a 5 dBd gain fiberglass omnidirectional antenna operating in the 460 - 470 MHz frequency range. This UHF omni antenna has a power input of 250 watts, is DC grounded and terminated with an N male connector at the end of a 16 inch jumper. Order mounting hardware separately.This economical omni antenna is composed of base matched half wave antennas that are enclosed in heavy-duty fiberglass radome with a sturdy aluminum mounting base. PCTEL low-cost omnidirectional fiberglass antenna is ideal control station use.
  8. PCTEL - 132-512 MHz 200W 1/4 Wave Antenna w/ Spring

    MAXRAD 132-512 MHz, 200 watt, quarter wave antenna with spring. Order desired Motorola type mount separately.
  9. PCTEL - 150-174 Cellular Look-a-like, Open Coil

    MAXRAD 150-174 MHz open coil, cellular look-alike antenna. Black finish, 200 watts, unity gain, 15 1/2" long. Order Motorola style mount separately.
  10. PCTEL - 450-470 MHz 7.1dB 3 Element Yagi Antenna

    MAXRAD 450-470 MHz directional yagi antenna. 3 elem., 7.1dB gain, 300 watt. Direct UHF female termination. Includes mounting hardware.
  11. PCTEL - 0-1000 MHz, Scratchless Mag, RG58/U, UHF (loose)

    The PCTEL Maxrad RBGP magnetic antenna mount is a Motorola-style mobile antenna mount that offers removability. No drilling into the vehicle is required for installation making the location of the magnetic mount easy to adjust.The vehicle antenna mount thread size is 1-1/8 inch - 18. This 3 inch scratch-less magnet mount has a rubber boot that prevents damage. The black NMO mount includes 12 feet of RG58/U cable. A Teflon UHF male connector is included but not installed.The PCTEL black vehicle magnet mount is designed for use with Motorola-style mobile antennas up to 1000 MHz.
  12. PCTEL - 108-512 1/4 Wave Antenna, 3/8" Hole

    PCTEL 108-512 MHz quarter wave antenna for 3/8" hole. Includes antenna, mount, cable and UHF male connector.
  13. PCTEL - 890-945 MHz 4.0 dB Single Coil Antenna, Black

    MAXRAD 890-945 MHz 4.0 dB black antenna with single phasing coil and spring. Order Motorola style mount seperately.
  14. PCTEL - 118-940 MHz 1/4 Wave Antenna, Bright Chrome

    MAXRAD 118-940 MHz 1/4 wave antenna. 250 conti watt, heavy duty 5/16 thread stub contact assembly. Bright chrome. Mates with TAD/TAE, NMO,KD series 3/4 mt
  15. PCTEL - 450-470 MHz Transit "Linebacker" Antenna, White

    PCTEL 450-470 MHz low clearance, transit "Linebacker" antenna. 100 watt, unity gain. UHF female. White.
  16. PCTEL - 47-50 DC Ground Base Loaded 1/4 Wave Antenna

    MAXRAD 47-50 MHz DC grounded base loaded quarterwave antenna. 500 watts. 4.25 MHz bandwidth. Requires less ground plane area than conventional antennas.
  17. PCTEL - 0-960 MHz, 3/4" Brass Mount/ No Conn

    The PCTEL Maxrad NMO58AU-NC vehicle roof mount antenna installation hardware kit is for Motorola-style mobile antennas 0-960 MHz. This NMO mount is a brass permanent mount for a 3/4 inch hole. The PCTEL mobile antenna mount includes 17 feet of RG58A/U coax cable. No connector is included. Thread size is 1 1/8 inch - 18.
  18. PCTEL - 450-470 3dB 5/8 Wave Antenna w/ Spring

    MAXRAD 450-470 MHz 5/8 wave antenna. 200 watt, 3dB gain, with spring. Order desired Motorola style mount separately.
  19. PCTEL - 445-470 Mosaic 3dB Antenna w/ Spring

    PCTEL 445-470 MHz MOSAIC 3dB gain collinear antenna with spring. Order Motorola style mount separately.
  20. PCTEL - 142-174 5/8 Wave DC Grounded Antenna

    The PCTEL MHBDC5800 5/8 wave antenna operates within the VHF frequency range, 142-174 MHz. This VHF mobile antenna is field-tunable and features a 3 dB gain. The mobile antenna is DC grounded. Maximum power input is 200 watts. The 52 inch whip antenna utilizes a chrome coil design with the enhancements of a heavy-duty tapered rod for maximum durability in harsh environments. The two-way antenna is able to maintain desired resonant frequency through heavy shock vibrations. The PCTEL heavy-duty, whip-style antenna is designed for mobile two-way communication within the 142-174 MHz VHF frequency band.Order Motorola style mount separately.

Items 1 to 20 of 220 total

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