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RG11/U is the 75 Ohm version of RG8/U or RG213/U. Due to improved loss over similar sized 50-ohm cable, 75-ohm cable can be used in some, traditionally 50-ohm, antenna & BDA applications.

RG-11 Cable

2 Item(s)

  1. Belden - RG11, 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable, per ft.

    BELDEN RG11 broadband, 75 ohm cable. 14 ga. solid center conductor. Duofoil and 40% aluminum braided shields. Black PVC jacket. Tested 5-1000 MHz. Sold per ft.
  2. Southwire Company, LLC - RG11/U 75 Ohm 65% Plenum, per Ft.

    Coleman SIGNAL brand RG11/U Plenum coax cable. 75 ohm, 65% shield coverage. 14 ga. solid cntr cond. Foam FEP. CL2P. White jacket. Sold per foot.

2 Item(s)