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Cup Holders

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  1. Havis, Inc. - Dual External Cup Holder, 0 degree bend

    The Havis Dual External 0 degree bend Cup Holder accepts cups up to 3.375" diameter. It is for C-Series and C-TMW Series tunnel plates. Mounts externally to the rear of all horizontal C-Series console or to the top of your tunnel plate or any flat surface.
  2. Havis, Inc. - Dual internal 6 deg. angled cup holders

    The Havis Dual Internal 6 degree Angled Cup Holders has 5.5 inches of mounting space. It is for C-VS-1200-INUT & C-VS-2000-TAH-1 consoles. This cup holder mounts flush into your enclosed console and accepts cups up to 3.375" diameter.

2 Item(s)