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Base Station Antennas

Base station Antennas

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  1. Mobile Mark, Inc. - 2.4-2.5/5.15-5.925 GHz 5dBi MIMO Omni Antenna
    MOBILE MARK 2.4-2.5 / 5.15-5.925GHz MIMO Omni Antenna. 5 dBi gain, 2 cables: 9" and 12"with N (M) connectors. U-Bolt mounting kit included. Learn More
  2. Laird Technologies - 450-512 Ultra Phantom Omni Antenna, black
    The Laird UTRA4502S3NB-001 Ultra Phantom is an omni-directional, low profile mobile antenna that operates in the 450-512 MHz band. This antenna is vertically polarized and is NMO mounted. With a compact size of 3.4" H x 1.4" L x 1.4" W, the shorted monopole antenna has a max gain of 4.1 dBi and 50 ohm impedance. Black. Learn More
  3. Galtronics - 698-960/1710-2700 In-Building Omni MIMO Antenna
    The Galtronics PEAR M4936i dual polarized MIMO in-building omni antenna covers MIMO for 698-2700 MHz. This antenna has an indoor ceiling mount and is designed for wireless systems such as DAS. this broadband directional single-sector MIMO antenna is used for high-capacity venues like stadiums or campuses. M4936i Learn More
  4. Ventev / TerraWave - 2.4/5 GHz 4/6 dBi Ceiling Omni WiFi Antenna
    Ventev's TerraWave 2.4/5 GHz 4/6 dBi Mini Quad Ceiling Wi-Fi Antenna is designed to work with 4-Lead MIMO radios functioning in the 802.11n wireless protocol band. It features four dual band antennas in a single unit. This solution allows engineers to simplify deployments by using only one antenna for dual band access points.Every TerraWave antenna is covered by the company's two-year TerraNet warranty program. For questions or to purchase product, contact your Regional Sales Executive at 210-375-8482, 800-851-4965 or Learn More
  5. Mobile Mark, Inc. - 2.4-2.485 GHz High Vibration Omni Antenna
    MOBILE MARK 2.4-2.485 Omni-directional, High Vibration Marine Antenna OD9-2400MOD2. 29" long. N Female connector. Hardware included. Learn More
  6. Ventev / TerraWave - 698-960/1710-2700 MHz Omnidirectional Antenna
    TerraWave's 698-960/1710-2700 MHz LTE Omnidirectional Mobile Antenna with NMO Plug Connector features a strong, shock-resistant UV stable exterior. Ideal for cellular applications. Black in color. Learn More
  7. Laird Technologies - 896-960 MHz 4dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna
    Laird S8964B omnidirectional antenna operates in the 896 - 960 MHz frequency range. This fiberglass omni antenna features 4 dBd gain and maximum power input of 150 watts. The S8964B omni antenna includes a 23 inch jumper made of ultralink cable and terminated with an N Female connector. Mounting hardware is included. Learn More
  8. Laird Technologies - 440-450MHz 3dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna
    LAIRD 440-450MHz 3 dB Gain Antenna. Enclosed in fiberglass radome with an gold anodized support pipe. N Female termination. Order 65724 or 69293 clamp seperately. Learn More
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    Sinclair Technologies Inc. - 138-174MHz 8.5dB 4 Element Dipole Antenna,1/2 Wave
    SINCLAIR 138-174 MHz four dipole antenna 8-8.5dB offset gain. 300 watts. Includes harness with N male termination. internal to mast. 1/2 wave spacing. ORDER MTG CLAMPS. Learn More
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    CommScope - 155-165 MHz 6/9dB Exposed Dipole Omni Antenna
    Andrew Solutions DB224-B 155 - 165 MHz broadband exposed dipole quasi-omnidirectional antenna has flexibility for pattern shaping. This adjustable field omni antenna has a maximum power input of 500 watts. A harness with N male connection is included along with the DB365-OS pipe mount kit for 1.25 - 3.5 inch OD round members. This antenna meets RoHS 2002/95/ECThe Andrew four-bay exposed dipole VHF antenna can be arranged in an offset pattern producing a higher gain of 9 dBd. Omni coverage and a gain of 6 dBd can be achieved through a circular pattern. This lightweight omnidirectional antenna comes in a two-piece mast for ease of shipping. Learn More
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