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Outdoor Antennas

Outdoor Base Station Antennas
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  1. Laird Technologies - 450-480MHz Directional Yagi Antenna
    LAIRD Y(B)4506, 450-480MHz directional antenna. 10.2 dBd gain, 300 W. Direct N female termination. Mounting hardware included. Gold anodized for corrosion resistance. Learn More
  2. Ventev / TerraWave - 2.4-2.5 GHz 13.5dBi Enclosed Yagi Antenna
    TERRAWAVE 2.4GHz 13.5Dbi Yagi Antenna. Comes with Articulating mount and 36" pigtail with RPTNC Plug. Learn More
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    Sinclair Technologies Inc. - 138-174MHz 8.5dB 4 Element Dipole Antenna,1/2 Wave
    SINCLAIR 138-174 MHz four dipole antenna 8-8.5dB offset gain. 300 watts. Includes harness with N male termination. internal to mast. 1/2 wave spacing. ORDER MTG CLAMPS. Learn More
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  4. Laird Technologies - 450-470MHz 6dB 3 Element Yagi Antenna
    LAIRD 450-470 MHz 3 element economy yagi. 6 dB gain, 250 watts. UHF female termination. Includes mounting hardware. Learn More
  5. Laird Technologies - 150-158 MHz 7.1dB 6 Element Yagi Antenna
    LAIRD 150-158 MHz 6 element yagi. 7.1 dB gain, 250 watts. Direct UHF female termination. Includes mounting hardware. Learn More
  6. weBoost - 700-2170 MHz 7-10.5dBi Enclosed Yagi Antenna
    WILSON ELECTRONICS 700-2170 MHz 7-10 dBi enclosed yagi.75 Ohm F Female termination. 100 Watts. includes mtg. hardware Use with Wilson DB Pro & SignalBoost DT. Learn More
  7. weBoost - 700-2700 MHz 7-10.5dBi Enclosed Yagi Antenna
    Wilson Electronics 304411 wide band log periodic antenna operates in the 700 - 2500 MHz frequency range. This directional dual band antenna provides a gain of 8-10 dBi and has a maximum input power of 100 watts. This vertically-polarized directional antenna is terminated with an N Female connector. Antenna mounting hardware is included.This wide band log periodic directional antenna is weather resistant and easy to install. Learn More
  8. Surecall - 700-960/1710-2700 Yagi Antenna
    The SC-230W directional Yagi antenna is one of the best performing antennas on the market today. It is a high gain outdoor antenna that should be pointed toward the nearest cellular tower. This 4G antenna is designed to cover 2G/3G/4G/and WLAN systems for Cellular, PCS, AWS and LTE frequencies. Learn More
  9. NEW
    PCTEL Maxrad - 806-896MHz 10dBd 7 Element Yagi Antenna
    PCTEL BMYD806K series yagi antenna is designed to provide characteristics of a high gain, broadband, premium-quality antenna. The yagi antenna operates in the frequency range 806 - 896 MHz and has a gain of 10 dBd. This 7-element antenna is supplied with a 2 foot RG213 pigtail with an N Female connector. The antenna is anodized for corrosion resistance and has a maximum power input of 200 watts. Includes mounting hardware BWC1001. PCTEL DMYD806K is heavy duty designed with harsh conditions in mind. Learn More
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