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Pro Telecom Supply is a leading national supplier of Towers and accessories throughout the USA. We carry several brands of towers in many configurations to meet you next projects needs. Our pricing is some of the lowest in the industry as we leverage direct relationships with major manufacturers. Our Towers often ship direct from the factory floor to your door to ensure you have the best quality towers delivered in the fastest time possible.

Our offer includes Self-Supporting Towers, Monopoles, Guyed Towers, Articulating Towers, Freestanding Tower Kits, and Rapid Deployment Solutions. We make it easy to do business with site-specific designs and world-class logistic support for any project.

Not sure which tower is right for your project? Contact our team and we can help specify which tower will meet your wind loading and height needs.

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  1. Rohn Products LLC -Standard 10-ft Tower Section for Model 25G Tower
    The ROHN R-25G standard 10-ft tower section is the basic building block of one of the world's most well-known lightweight guyed tower models, the ROHN 25G. The R-25G uses double-bolted joints proven to be the best method of joining tower sections for sturdiness and stability. Every ROHN R-25G section is completely hot-dip galvanized after fabrication and features a 12 _-in face and 5/16-in solid serpentine Zig-Zag bracing. Each 10-ft section contains all required nuts and bolts inside one leg. Learn More
  2. Rohn Products LLC - 45G Top Section with 2.38-in OD x 18-in Pipe
    The ROHN R-45AG2 45G top section features the same 18-in face and 7/16-in solid serpentine Zig-Zag bracing as the standard 45G tower sections and it also comes with a tapered top and integrated 2.38-in OD x 18-in mounting pipe. This particular top section offers a durable option for those looking to mount antennas or dishes requiring a 14AWG pipe.You can connect the 9-ft long R-45AG2 to any standard ROHN 45G tower section using the included bolts and double-bolted leg connections. The entire section has been completely hot-dip galvanized for years of worry-free corrosion protection and it can be used in guyed, self-supporting and bracketed tower configurations. Learn More
  3. Rohn Products LLC - 55G- 55G 20ft Freestanding Tower Kit

    The ROHN R-55SS020 20ft freestanding tower is built using the popular ROHN 55G guyed tower sections. All sections are 5ft or 10ft in length with 1.5in OD tubular legs and 7/16in solid serpentine bracing. The ROHN R-55SS020 20ft freestanding tower kit includes:

    (2) ROHN 55G standard 10ft tower section
    (1) ROHN 55G top beacon plate
    (1) ROHN 55G standard 5ft short base tower section for concrete embedment
    (2) 8' galvanized ground kit
    (1) Anti-climb warning sign

    Learn More
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