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Pro Telecom offers a wide selection of specialty and general-purpose tools to help your team build, install, and maintain your communications network. We have specialty prep tools for coaxial cable, fiber, waveguide, and telecom; and we also offer professional-grade, general-purpose tools ranging from screwdrivers and drills, to flashlights. Our broad selection, quick delivery, competitive pricing, and custom kitting capabilities make it easy to procure the tools you need.

We have your testing needs covered from fiber and RF to PIM. We have a broad product offering, expert technical support, and financing options. We make it easy to select, purchase, and support the testing side of your business.

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  1. Eclipse - Multi-Function Heavy Duty Stripper 10-22 AWG
    Built-in cutter with adjustable stopper and micro adjustment. Insulated and non-insulated terminals 10-22 AWG. Strips 10-24 AWG. Learn More
  2. Klein Tools, Inc. - Wire stipper/cutter 10 to 18 AWG, 7-1/8 in
    KLEIN Multipurpose wire stripper, cutter crimper strips solid and stranded wire 10 to 18 AWG. Spring loaded insulated blue handles. 7-1/8" OAL. Features a strong gripping serrated nose for easy bending, shaping, and pulling of wires. Learn More
  3. Klein Tools, Inc. - RJ22,11,12,45 Cut/Crimper
    KLEIN all-in-one tool will cut, strip, and crimp paired-conductor cables. Crimp 4,6, and 8 pos for RJ22, RJ11/RJ12and RJ 45. Ratchet for full compression. Learn More
  4. Klein Tools, Inc. - 66/110 Cut type Punchdown
    KLEIN TOOLS Impact Punchdown Tool with combination 66/110 cut type blade is designed to terminate cable in a variety of cross-connect panels, blocks, and keystone jacks. Accepst most major manufacturer's blades as replacements. Learn More
  5. Greenlee Tools - Hacksaw, Heavy Duty 12" / 1 each
    GREENLEE Heavy duty hacksaw with adjustable blade tension up to 30,000 psi. Blade is bi-metal with 12"/24 TPI. Extra blade stored in tubular frame. Learn More
  6. Klein Tools, Inc. - Pliers, Long Needle-Nose - Extra-Slim, 5-5/8" OAL
    KLEIN Long Needle-Nose Pliers-Extra-Slim for extremely close quarter work. fine knurled jaws grip without damaging. Spring-loaded, Blue handles. USA Learn More
  7. Klein Tools, Inc. - Wire stipper/cutter strips solid wire 10- 20 AWG
    KLEIN Wire Stripper, Cutter, Crimper strips solid wire 10 to 20 AWG. 1/2"wide cutter. Serrated nose jaws. Coil spring loaded Blue Handle. 6"OAL Learn More
  8. JMA - Strip/Prep tool for 1/2" FSJ4-50B cable
    JMA Wireless SP-12S Strip/Prep Tool for 1/2" FSJ4-50B &SCF12 cable. Drill driven tool. Replacement blades are RBK-SP-12S/PL (SKU# 514996). Learn More
  9. Times Microwave - Cable Cutting Tool
    Times Microwave LMR square cut cable cutter is designed specifically for use on the entire range of LMR cables, from LMR-195 through LMR-600. This cable cutter tool quickly and easily square cuts the LMR cable end making it ready for connector termination. No metallic residue is left, eliminating the need for wire brushing. Safety locking mechanism keeps the tool positively closed until needed or when stored in a pouch. Streamlined designed fits more easily into a Times or other pouch. Times "blue" color replaces the old red color. Learn More
  10. Klein Tools, Inc. - Canvas Zipper Bag
    Klein Tools canvas zipper bag for convenient storage for pliers, wrenches and other tools. Constructed from no. 10 canvas. Learn More
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