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Grounding & Arrestors

Grounding and Arrestors

Pro Telecom Supply offers a comprehensive selection of Surge Suppresion products to support all your networks needs. Our offer includes AC Protection, Data Line Protection, DC Protection, RF Protection, Components, Hardware and Accessories.

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  1. Thomas and Betts - #2 AWG short barrel bottom stack grounding lug.
    THOMAS AND BETTS #2 AWG short barrel bottom stack grounding lug. 5/16" stud size. Learn More
  2. Thomas and Betts - Copper Beam Grounding Clamp Wire Range 14 - 6
    Thomas & Betts Copper Beam Grounding Clamp for Wire Range 14 - 6 for grounding trailer frames, cable trays, CATV and telephone pedestals with 7/8" silicon bronze hex-head bolt. Learn More
  3. Surecall - DC-3 GHz In-Line Arrestor
    CELLPHONE-MATE DC- 3GHz In-line Bulkhead Lightening Arrestor protector. 50 watt N-Female terminations. Includes replaceable gas discharge element. Learn More
  4. CommScope - ANDREW Universal Arrestor Ground Assembly DIN 34
    Universal Ground Bar Assembly for Din Interfaces and all APTL Series. Learn More
  5. CommScope - 90 Degree Mounting/Grounding Bracket
    COMMSCOPE 90 Degree Mounting/Grounding Bracket for Arrestor Plus. Works with N type connectors. Learn More
  6. Citel, Inc. - Power Over Ethernet Surge Protector
    CITEL Outdoor Surge Protector for POE and Gigabit Ethernet networks. Shielded RJ45 connectors. 2 kA discharge capability. 60 Vdc on all pairs. Learn More
  7. Cambium Networks - PTP 800 - PTP800 Coax Install Kit with out Surge Arrestor
    MOTOROLA PTP800 Coaxial Cable Installation Assembly Kits. Does not included Surge Arrestors. Learn More
  8. RFS - Grounding Kit-EP105
    RFS Grounding Kit for E185 elliptical waveguide. Includes pre-formed copper strap, 6 AWG (7 strand) copper wire with attached 2 hole crimp on lug. Learn More
  9. RFS - Grounding kit, E60/EP60
    RFS grounding kit for E60 and EP60 elliptical waveguide. Includes solid copper strap, 6 ga. copper wire with factory crimped lugs on both ends. Learn More
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