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N Connectors

N Connectors for Coax Cable

The N connector (in full, Type N connector) is a threaded, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector used to join coaxial cables. The male connector is hand-tightened (though versions with a hex nut are also available) and has an air gap between the center and outer conductors. The coupling has a 5/8-24 thread. We suggest 16 inch-pounds (2.3 N·m) for torque tightening.
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  1. Times Microwave - N/FNO-BRAID-TRIM Bulkhead Connector for LMR-240
    TIMES X Series NO-BRAID-TRIM Advantage N Female bulkhead connector for LMR-240 foam dielectric cable. Solder center conductor. Crimp on braid. Learn More
  2. RF Industries RFN-1006-49I - N MaleCrimp for LMR400, CNT400, 8214, 9913 cables
    RF Industries N male straight connector for 400 Series cable such as LMR-400, CNT-400, Belden 8214 and 9913. White Bronze body with gold crimp center pin. This is a solderless center conductor connector. Learn More
  3. TerraWave - N-StylePlug (M) for 200 Cable
    TERRAWAVE Solutions N-Style Male (M Center Pin) for 200 Cable. Learn More
  4. TerraWave - N BH Jack(F) for 100 Cable
    TERRAWAVE N Bulkhead Jack (F Center Pin) Connector for 100 Cable. Learn More
  5. Times Microwave - NMale LMR400
    TIMES "Silver Band" N Male connector for LMR-400 coaxial cable. Solder (crimp optional) center pin, knurled coupling nut. Low cost w/ outstanding performance Learn More
  6. Amphenol Connex - NMDust Cap with 100 mm Chain
    CONNEX N-Male dust cap with 100 mm nickel plated brass chain and body. Silicone gasket. For use on N-Female connectors. Learn More
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