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Power Systems

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  1. Tripp Lite - Power Inverter, 375W
    TRIPP LITE 12VDC to 120VAC inverter. 375W continuous, 500W surge. Two AC outlets. Includes cigarette lighter plug and built-in cooling fan. Learn More
  2. Samlex America - 24V to12V Converter, 5A
    SAMLEX step down converter featuring switch mode technology. Input 20-32 VDC, Output 13.6 VDC. 5 Amps continuous. Learn More
  3. DuraComm Corp. - Hood,Motorola CDM
    DURACOMM hood for LP series power supplies. Fits Motorola CDM radios. Learn More
  4. EnerSys/Yuasa - 12 Volt17.2 AH Battery
    12V 17.2 Ah sealed lead acid battery with 7/32" bolt fasteners. 7.13 x 2.99 x 6.57. Learn More
  5. Samlex America - 1000 Watt Inverter
    SAMLEX DC to AC power inverter. 1000W continuous, 2000W intermittent. Modified sine wave. Universal outlets (2) for diff. AC plugs. Remote capable. Learn More
  6. Lind Electronics -Delay Timer, Screw Terminal, Non-Fused
    The Lind Electronics SDT1230-022 shut-down timer with non-fused screw terminal block connections will protect your vehicle's battery from over discharge, and your equipment from voltage damage. The delay timer can be set from 5 seconds to 4 hours with an emergency override switch. The Lind shut-down timer with screw terminal connections turns off electrical loads up to 30 amps at an adjustable preset time after ignition is turned off to prevent damage to your battery or electronics. Learn More
  7. NPA Battery Cable, 2 m Mobotix
    NPA Battery Cable, 2 m Learn More
  8. NewMar - 20 AmpBreaker
    NEWMAR 20 AMP Breaker Drop Ship Only. Learn More
  9. Samlex America - PowerSupply, Vertex 2200-10A
    SAMLEX switching power supply with radio cover for Vertex VX-2200 120/240 VAC input. UL approved. 10A continuous, 14A intermitte Learn More
  10. DuraComm Corp. - DIN rail distribution block, 5 fuse
    The DuraComm DIN-5-75 five fuse terminal block produces 75 Amps of power. The terminal block has one input (12, 24, or 48 VDC) and five outputs (12, 24, or 48 VDC). The five fuse distribution block uses ATC type automotive fuses (not included) with a maximum power of 20 Amps per position, 75 Amps total. Learn More
  11. Alpha Technologies Ltd.- 20 Amp AM Plug-In Type Breaker
    ALPHA TECHNOLOGIES 20 Amp AM Breaker. Plug-In type with aux switch center pin only, midtrip (5/16" bullet terminals). Learn More
  12. Samlex America - 450Watt Inverter
    Recommended by Pro Telecom Supply for Your Wireless Workforce Learn More
  13. Ventev - DIN Rail Clipfor SunSaver Controller
    VENTEV DIN Rail Clip for SunSaver Controller. Mounts to 35mm rail. Includes screws, order 2 per controller. Learn More
  14. Morningstar - 30Amp 12/24 volt DC solar charge Controller
    MORNINGSTAR ProStar 30-amp 12/24 volt DC solar charge controller with meters. Can be used with up to 30 amps of charge current in either 12 or 24 VDC. Learn More
  15. Ventev - Kit to mountLinkUPS enclosure to Utility Pole
    UTILITY Pole mounting kit for LinkUPS and Solar Power Systems. Includes banding and all hardware. Pole diameter range 4" to 13" for bands. Keyhole also Learn More
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