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Surge Protection

Electrical Surge Protection

Help protect your investment in equipment with our power protection products.
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  1. Transtector Systems,Inc. - 24VDC surge protector
    TRANSTECTOR 24VDC silicon diode, DIN rail, 28-12 AWG screw clamp, equipment surge protector Learn More
  2. CommScope - 698-2200MHz Dual Band Arrestor
    CommScope Arrestor Plus Dual Band Quarterwave DC Passing Surge Arrestor (T-shaped) for LTE frequencies, with interface types DIN Female Bulkhead and DIN Male. Learn More
  3. PolyPhaser - DC PassThrough Protector
    POLYPHASER coax protector to be used in installations when DC is required to pass in route to tower top amplifiers and active antennas. +36 VDC. N/M - N/F. Learn More
  4. PolyPhaser - VHFCombiner Arrestor,D/M - D/F
    POLYPHASER 100-512 MHz VHF combiner bulkhead protector. 3KA surge <0.5uJ throughput energy. 750 W max. DIN male Ant port, DIN female Equip port. Learn More
  5. PolyPhaser - FlangeArrestor, N/F
    POLYPHASER 125-1000 MHz general coverage flange mnt. protector. 50,000 amps surge <220uJ throughput energy. Power rating based on frequency. N female connectors Learn More
  6. PolyPhaser - BulkheadProtector,NM-NF
    POLYPHASER 125-1000 MHz bulkhead NEMP protector. Extra long threaded N female connector on equipment side, N male connector on antenna side. Learn More
  7. PolyPhaser - BulkheadArrestorN/F-N/M
    POLYPHASER 125-1000 MHz general coverage bulkhead mnt. protector. 50,000 amps surge. <800uJ throughput energy. Power based on freq. N male on equipment port. Learn More
  8. Transtector Systems,Inc. - R56 45V surge protection
    TRANSTECTOR Silicon surge protection for data with 45V peak on a 66 punchdown block, clip mounted and twisted pair connector. Learn More
  9. PolyPhaser - Outdoor, Metal Enclosure, Ethernet Surge Protector
    POLYPHASER Outdoor, Metal Enclosure, UL 497B Ethernet Surge Protector. Screw terminal connector. Learn More
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