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Signal Boosters by Carrier

Analysis of your Site

Our Sales and Technical staff will work with you on your site requirements to determine the best possible configuration for your solution. Analysis can be done remotely or onsite depending on your projects needs.

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How to Choose an Amplifier

Choose Carrier

Each cell phone company uses different frequencies and it is important to choose a device that matches yours.

Determine Building Size

Choose the right size booster that will cover your home or office and reduce deadspots.

Signal strength

Areas with weaker cell coverage may require a stronger then normal booster, we can help you choose the right Amp with the Gain you need.

Why Choose Pro Telecom Supply?


Pro Telecom Supply works with some of the highest performing product lines in the industry. We make sure that the products we carry will get the job done when you need it.

Cost Effective
Full Solutions

Low cost normally means low quality. We strive to provide affordable sollutions that meet your projects needs. We dont spend money on flashy catalogs or expensive MFG reps to ensure you get the best value in the industry.


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