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Mobotix IP Security cameras are a robust and simple to install solution for your CCTV needs.   While commonly installed by Security Companies, the full line of Mobotix products are simple enough to be installed by the DIY homeowner or In house IT Department.

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Assistance is an Advanced Mobotix Partner. If you have avoided IP Cameras as you were unsure of setup or installation, the waiting is over.  Pro Telecom Supply offers a complete range of configuration assistance for Mobotix IP Cameras.  From our Free Basic Setup Program to robust Enterprise deployments we have you covered. 

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We offer competitive dealer and installer pricing on all Mobotix Products. Take advantage of our inclusive support and installation assistance programs with no expensive training or certification programs needed.  

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Mobotix IP Megapixel Security Cameras

Actual image from a Mobotix M24 Camera setup by one of our Installers in sunny Miami, Florida

Mobotix Cameras are Robust IP65 Weatherproof IP Solutions

Founded in 1999, the German company Mobotix AG has made their mark with Megapixel IP Cameras that produce high resolution images with sharp details. Why does Mobotix emphasize high resolution? Because the higher the resolution, the more accurate image details the user can extract such as, a clear view of license plate numbers and letters.

The same year as the company’s inception, Mobotix introduced the first weatherproof webcam with digital image sensors and an integrated PC. Not realizing at the time the impact this might have on the industry, they nonetheless recognized immediately the cost-effective advantage over traditional CCTV analog video systems.

Mobotix has been dedicated to IP video from the start, solely producing Megapixel IP Cameras. In return, they have become a leader in IP camera technology – Number two in Europe and fourth worldwide in IP video surveillance market share.

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Mobotix T24 IP Video Doorstation

SIP Video Doorstation with up to 3 Megapixel and 180 Degree Views..

The T24 is based on the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP. When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. This means that, from anywhere in the world, you can conduct video conversations with visitors at your door or open the door remotely.

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Mobotix S14

Mobotix S14 Dual Lens Flexmount

Ultra compact Worlds first dual Hemispheric Camera.

With the latest product S14 Flexmount MOBOTIX presents a camera that is particularly striking by its miniature lens units and the flexible mounting positions. The dual lens capability is perfect for Home, Commercial and even Mobile applications.

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Mobotix q24

Mobotix Q24 IP Video Camera

Ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera 3 Megapixel and 360 Degree Views..

An elegant, ultra compact and weatherproof IP dome camera. Thanks to the 360° allround view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously, the Q24 can be used in all new scenarios.

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    Mobotix M24        

    Mobotix M24 IP Video Camera

        Professional and low-cost exchangeable-lens camera with flexible mounting options.

The professional and low-cost exchangeable-lens camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Internal, digital video recorder with up to 32 GB of storage capacity and HiRes recording up to 3.1 megapixels. Over 30 times more detail than CIF!

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    Mobotix M12 IP Video Camera

        Two separate image sensors for day and night-time operation

MOBOTIX dual lens, day/night camera with two separate HiRes image sensors is successfully in use in over 100,000 installations worldwide. Brilliant color for the day and extremely light-sensitive black/white sensor for the night. The intelligent and robust professional solution from MOBOTIX with no moving parts!

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    Mobotix D14        

    Mobotix D14 IP Video Camera

        Dual lens IP Dome Camera with up to 6 megapixel total resolution

The professional and low-cost exchangeable-lens camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.individual choice of lenses: tele/wide-angle, day/night, 180° panorama function!

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    Mobotix D24        

    Mobotix D24 IP Dome Video Camera

        Single lens IP Dome Camera with up to 3 megapixel total resolution

Inconspicuous surveillance with state-of-the-art technology. The D24 FixDome from MOBOTIX adapts perfectly to any task. Exchangeable lenses, various mounting and configuration options including vandalism set support unlimited application possibilities.

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